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Found 6 results

  1. hello all, and welcome to this tool the NB-Password_generator is a small tool which allow you to create a strong passwords with this tool you can create a random passwords using : 1. capital letters 2. small letters 3. numbers 4. symbols be sure that you can check any option that you want and uncheck what you don't want to use this tool allow you to create a password from 6 letters to 150 lettersNB-Password_generator.zip at the end please accept my greetings am waiting for your commants
  2. Hello! After watching a whole day of "Journey into cryptography" at Khan Academy, I have got to know the secrets behind some sneaky things! . This is one of em', A PRNG (Pseudo Random Number Generator). Its features (atleast what I believe) are: Simple, short and crappy. Great for beginners who are baffled by the mechanics of random number generation in computers! Support for custom seeds! EIGHT DIGITS OF RANDOMNESS!!! Unlike all other PRNGs, This one is predictable 1000 possible PRNs when using @MSEC as the seed. No option for min or max, the min is
  3. Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I wrote anything in AutoIt, but I wanted to get back into it. Here's a simple UDF that generates random sword names to use in a game. Enjoy ; #FUNCTION# ==================================================================================================================== ; Name...........: _GenSword ; Description ...: Generates random RPG sword names ; Parameters ....: $Type - The type of name to generate ; $Amount - [optional] value to be used for generating more names (default: 1) ; Return values .: Success
  4. This script is used to create and display Latin Squares and to use them to create a secure password. You would use this to create a password, as an example, by inputting the name of the site you need the password for and pressing the GeneratePW button. The resulting password will be displayed in the red box to the right of the input. The password generator uses up to 6 characters of whatever is typed into the input (n) to create a password whose length is n*2. So, for example, if you were to go to autoitscript.com and you needed a password for it, you would type in autoitscript and generate th
  5. I've been looking around for implementations of noise generators for autoit, but as of yet have had no luck More particularly, I'm looking for an x octave noise generator, but I haven't found any for autoit. Has anyone seen any x octave or perlin noise generators for autoit?
  6. This is my maze generator. It creates a maze useing the Recursive backtracker witch i found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maze_generation_algorithm#Recursive_backtracker It'll save the finished maze in the a folder with the name Mazes in @scriptdir as Maze (Seed).bmp where Seed is the seed of the maze and size is the size. It usees the Bitmap Libray by evelertoaster find it here: Thanks to MvGulik for cleaning the code. Here's a picture of a finished 25*25 maze: The green dot is the start and the red dot is the end. It can also solve the maze. Here's the solution for the a
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