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Found 5 results

  1. Introduction ImGui is a popular library written by ocornut, it can make awesome user interface based on directx. It is being used by many big apps/games. The UI is nice and flexible, easy to use because of frame-by-frame drawing. So I decided to convert the entire ImGui library to AutoIt At first it's just an experiment, i converted some basic draw functions of imgui, compile to a dll, then using DllCall in autoit to call the functions. I was testing to see how much FPS i can get in autoit, and i was expected a low FPS, since autoit is slow. Suprisingly,
  2. V1.32 : Hi guys! this release fixes the huge amount of private-bytes/virtual memory (400 meg ) that was being allocated due to the use of nested hash map structures in the skin sub-system. I've now re-factored the sub-system to use just linked lists and should be just as quick as the map method. Please note ProGUI is license-ware and will timeout at around 5 minutes per session so that you can trial out ProGUI with your applications. A license for the standard version is only €30 (EUR) however! There is also a ProGUI Gold license which is slightly more expensive but Includes full source cod
  3. Hey everyone, I am trying to get a child GUI "log in" box to drag with the main window of the application, yet it is not. I've read through a bunch of other threads with similar issues, but cannot seem to find a resolution. I've only started learning to make GUI's 3 days ago, so I am hoping someone a little more experienced can identify my flaw. Here's my code: #include <Inet.au3> #include <EditConstants.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <StaticConstants.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> #include <FontConstants.au3> #include <Bu
  4. Hi guys. I am working on Windows 10. I installed autoit and SciTE4AutoIt3. I tried to load a script I have which includes hebrew letters. The problem is that I cannot see these letters. I see something like this: ëãåøâì Also, when I print $oLink.innertext to console I can see only question marks. How can I fix this situation? -------------------------------------- Guys, after "solving" the problem above, I now get exclamation marks in the SciTE output window instead of Hebrew letters. Now, how do I solve this one?? -----------------
  5. UDF provide graphical control based on static class. Button Progressbar v1.01. Fix on Syntax Error Checking Download Choose server where you will download: fxControl.zip - code.google.com (renamed from zettoControl_v1.02.zip) fxControl.zip - autoitscript.com The next version of this UDF will named as fxControl (Control Framework). Screenshot Sample Application using zettoControl Z-Compressor [link fixed] Clean PC Clean PC Source available in spoiler below 'Codice Sorgente' text, in that page. but download link: dead. Its still useful because at least the source are
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