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Found 12 results

  1. Hi friends, I have a question, please. I have created a window containing a edit box I need to know how to change the keyboard language, e.g : if a user open the script it will be change the keyBord language in window automatically into English I found more examples but didn't work with me . Note: I use the windows 10 os Please help me . thanks in advance to all with my Greetings and my appreciation for all users and admins
  2. Hi AutoIt Programmers!, I just looking for a way to change entered keys in English to Russian keys and reverse, i must clear for you to understand. For example: I write keys on keyboard and i forgot to change input language and then the result will be: Dkflbvbh (Thing we write in fact) ====> Владимир (Thing we want) And reverse: Владимир ====> Dkflbvbh Is there any solution without writing constant for each words? for example dlls or WinAPIs.
  3. Hello AutoIt Programmers, i was working on my project and i reffered to @KBLayout, @MUILang & @OSLang then i saw that code example of this macro is not too complete, i decided to share my customized _GetLanguage() for you: #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "The language of the OS is: " & _GetLanguage() & " (" & LCIDToLocaleName("0x" & @OSLang) & ")") ; Retrieve the language of the operating system. Func _GetLanguage() Switch @OSLang Case "0004" Return "Ch
  4. Hi, Can some please let me know which programming language is used to develop AutoIt? Client is requesting for it...
  5. To change the language used by Windows GUI and the browser (Chrome in my case), the only method I've found that works is to go to Settings > Time & Language > Language > Preferred Language, switch the default from English to Spanish, sign out, and then upon signing in everything will be in Spanish as expected. Besides automating the above process is there a more direct way to change Windows' settings using AutoIt?
  6. Hey everyone, I thought I might share my little Language UDF plus the more powerful SciTE Tool to ship Strings from SciTE into the xml file. While I haven't had the time to fully adapt the small UDF to one of the big XML-UDFs the so called "Language Transmitter" that basically writes the XML file for you runs mostly on "XML DOM wrapper (COM)" by eltorro. The Transmitter should work with other XML-Language-UDFs depending on their encoding. First let's start with the UDF, there are two functions of interest: _LangInit($sFilePath) and s($sString) As you will have guessed, _LangIn
  7. Hi dear I have a question about the display language of the system How can I get the current display language and how can I change it by autoit Of course, if this is possible Greetings to all and hope you help me
  8. mus++ is a new scripting language written in ASCII which can be typed on most computer keyboards. The whole concept is based on the rules and syntax of written music, so the code can be directly transfered to a standard score without having to calculate the milisecond duration of some complicated binary variant, or having to deal with any other non-musical code elements. The language itself is much better than the interpreter, but that's hopefully going to change in the future. There are some problems which I have not yet managed to solve. Even so, this current interpreter is just about good
  9. Hi! I post here because i was wonderring if someone in this forum could help me with my script. What i'm trying to do, is to basically install a new keyboard layout in Windows and activate it. I want to acheive by the registry or the command line, but not with the autoit automation tools, i don't find it stable... Thanks for your help and have a good day!
  10. Hi, Here is a tool coded in AutoIt to edit multiple ini files ( up to 8 at the same time) to include multilanguage support in your script. The script himself have multilanguage support, simply by using : To change language, i read my global.ini file witch inform me what ini file i had to use... ConsoleWrite ( _string_lang(19) ) Func _string_lang($number) $number = _StringRepeat("0",6-StringLen($number)) & $number $string = IniRead($my_ini_folder & $interface_ini_file,"STRING",$number,"NOT_FOUND") Return($s
  11. Hi guys. I am working on Windows 10. I installed autoit and SciTE4AutoIt3. I tried to load a script I have which includes hebrew letters. The problem is that I cannot see these letters. I see something like this: ëãåøâì Also, when I print $oLink.innertext to console I can see only question marks. How can I fix this situation? -------------------------------------- Guys, after "solving" the problem above, I now get exclamation marks in the SciTE output window instead of Hebrew letters. Now, how do I solve this one?? -----------------
  12. Right now, this is only a concept, to see if it's worth doing it. The idea is: build a script to build a programming language, with a predefined syntax, but with a configurable list of commands. Please tell if you'd like/want/don't want it. EDIT: I posted it here because, if it's worth making it, I will post it in this thread.
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