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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Virtual People, I'm trying to lock my screen in Windows 10 but to no avail. Has Windows 10 forbidden this feature? Send("#l") Above code does not work. Even sending Ctrl Alt Del does not work nor as an Admin. Note: I want to lock my screen, not log off. Thanks for been kind.
  2. An AUTOIT app just stopped running on several machines in our office after applying the recent Win10 1803 update. Here are the details: 1. The App is now failing the UDPBIND call with a 10022 error. 2. The App runs fine on machines which have NOT YET applied the 1803 Win10 update just released 3. The App fails on all machines to which the 1803 has been applied - but only if the app is loaded from a network share! 4. If the app is run from a LOCAL drive, it continues to run fine even after the 1803 update In summary: Something has changed with the Win10 18
  3. This thread will focus on the scripts that write/execute bash scripts, and return the data (whereas my other thread is more just a spit sink). Currently you are relegated to piping to a file from the bash script, hopefully there are other options coming. This AutoIt script writes a bash script containing an fdupes command based off the Directory you want to search, and whether or not you want it to recurse. It writes the script in Temp, runs it, writes the stdout to a file in Temp, then parses that file and returns you an array. * You need to sudo apt-get install fdupes for this to
  4. I have a working script that changes the core affinity and process priority of multiples of a specific application I have running. I have that part figured out. I would like to make a little modification to it. Windows10 introduced virtual desktops. I am trying to have different core affinity and priority of processes on the visible and non-visible desktops. What I need is a bool function that could be described as IsWindowOnCurrentDesktop($hWnd). I have searched the winAPI.au3 but I do not believe anything like that exists built it. I have searched multipl
  5. Hi I need help. I have re-installed AutoIt, but the problem persists. My script uses an #include <tourney_mymain.a3x> which Scite fails to read. To be clear, as long as it is in .au3 format, it works. The moment I build it as .a3x, it fails. ;#include <tourney_mymain.a3x> #include <tourney_mymain.au3> _MyMainFunc() The file tourney_mymain.au3 exists in the same folder, and the header looks like this #Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI **** #AutoIt3Wrapper_Outfile_type=a3x #AutoIt3Wrapper_Outfile=C:\AutoIt\tourney\tourney_
  6. Hi, long time since my last spot! I'm not sure if I should ask this in GH or here, but as I saw from the downloads my fav scripting language isnt yet compatible with win10? I can understand it, its a "fresh" thing (I try to say tht I'm not suprised, I only have a few questions about this) 1 If autoit will be comaptible with win10 I will be able to write scripts to older versions of windows right? Testing them would be pretty tricky, and I would like to test my script in the envirement they will run, but i could code in win10 then take my script to a win 7 or vista and use it (considering that
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