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Found 8 results

  1. I'm trying to call WinList() with a handle. That should be possible: But I only get back an 2d array that looks like this: --------- 0 | (That means no window was found.) It's not the window or the handle. When I call other functions like WinExists() or WinGetHandle() it works. Is it because of me, the description in the reference or because of Autoit who makes a mistake? No, because of the rest of my program I don't want to use WinGetTitle() because the format of WinList() has to be kept. Alternatively, I could create a 2d array myself, but it should also wo
  2. I'm trying to fill a ListView with all normal viewable windows to act with them. First I tried with WinList: Local $aWinList = WinList("[REGEXPTITLE:(?i)(.+)]") Local $aTmp, $iID ;~ _ArrayDisplay($aWinList) For $i = $aWinList[0][0] To 1 Step -1 ; going backwards not disturbing the index while cycling through and deleting some If StringStripWS( $aWinList[$i][0], 3) == "" Or _ Not BitAND(WinGetState($aWinList[$i][1]), $WIN_STATE_VISIBLE) Or _ BitAND(WinGetState($aWinList[$i][1]), $WIN_STATE_MINIMIZED ) Then
  3. I am currently using Autoit's "WinList" function in an Autoit script, I fully understand it. Autoit provides a nice Library for Word VBA so that Some of Autoit's functions can be used within a MSWord VBA script, some of which I am using. I have a use for Autoit's "WinList" function which has been provided by AutoIt in their Library for MSWord VBA scripting. The WinList function Creates an array when run. MSWord VBA does not seem to allow this. To create an array in VBA you have to first DIM it, and this does not seem to work for the WinList function. For example: Dim AutoIt
  4. Hi, It's been a while since I've used AutoIt, but I'm having fun with it again. I'm running on Windows 7 Pro, 64_bit. with AutoIt In my program, I've called Winlist(), so that I can get a list of all windows on the system. I then iterate through the titles, and attempt to copy the title & handle of Windows I'm specifically interested in. While this seems to be a very easy task, I'm having a strange problem copying the title & handle of the two windows that I'm interested in. In the For loop: For $i = 1 To $AllWindowsCount C
  5. So the code I use is as follows: Local $InstancesList = WinList("[REGEXPTITLE:(?i)(.*Paint.*|.*WinAmp.*)]") And then if this number changes, I do something. But once in a while I SEE a new window paint being opened but nothing happens. So I added logs and printed the InstancesList and saw it did not pick up the new paint. Now I also added a WinList with Class to doublecheck, but still now and then it fails. So I was wondering if this is a known problem, and whether there are alternatives of workarounds.
  6. Hi, I use winlist to count the amount of instances of a specific window (in combination with a reg expression). Over multiple runs, it seems that it fails 1 in a hundred times more or less. Any idea how/why? And are there alternatives to use as a backup/check?
  7. All my tests done on WinXP SP3, AutoItX v3.3.0.0 My AutoItX is not up-to-date, however the changelog does not record any change regarding this problem. The issue is known : * each call to o_AutoItX3Obj.WinList can consumme up to 4ko (in my tests), which are not released even when exiting a sub or setting the o_AutoItX3Obj object to Nothing -> this is a problem, for example, for ever-runnning scripts that do repetitive call to WinList * a work-around : enumerate windows instead of using WinList VBS Code Option Explicit MAIN() Sub MAIN() Dim s_win_id, arr Dim o_AutoItX3Obj
  8. _WinGetAltTabWinList Since Authenticity was awesome enough to post how to get the Alt-Tab-able Windows, I decided to wrap it into a simple UDF that can be used just as WinList. The potential use is great. One person has already used the code to create a replacement Alt-Tab interface. Simple example: #include "_WinGetAltTabWinList.au3" #include <Array.au3> Local $aWindows=_WinGetAltTabWinList("","",True) _ArrayDisplay($aWindows) *UPDATES:11/30/2010: Fixed extended-style check to skip over certain windows that shouldn't be in the list, cleaned up and shortened code a bit.Download the ZI
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