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Delay based on MouseMove

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Ok so I'm writing this bot for a game, and I have MouseMove, but I need also a delay.

The problem is, the farther the mouse moves, the smaller the delay has to be.

But if the mouse moves a small distance, the value of "Sleep" needs to be smaller.

Am I making sense?

Oh yeah, and by the way, the mouse moves on it's own, based on a PixelSearch.

Is there any way to make this possible?

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I would think you just need to come up with a formula that determines the distance from current position and the position it's going to move to, and then decide how much "speed" to set on the Mouse*() function.



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Example to wait at least 100ms and at most 500ms.

Global $avPrevPos[2] = [0, 0], $avCurrPos[2]
Global Const $iWidth = @DesktopWidth, $iHeight = @DesktopHeight
Global Const $DiagonalScreen = Sqrt($iWidth^2+$iHeight^2)
Global $RelativeDistance


For $i = 1 To 10
    $avCurrPos[0] = Random(0, $iWidth, 1)
    $avCurrPos[1] = Random(0, $iHeight, 1)
    $RelativeDistance = _Distance($avPrevPos, $avCurrPos)/$DiagonalScreen
    ConsoleWrite('-Sleep: ' & Int(100+$RelativeDistance*400) & 'ms.' & @CRLF)
    $avPrevPos = $avCurrPos

Func _Distance($avPoint1, $avPoint2)
    Return Sqrt(($avPoint1[0]-$avPoint2[0])^2+($avPoint1[1]-$avPoint2[1])^2)

I hope the math is correct to fit the variable screen resolutions.

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