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Hex to Binary (serial feedback project)

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Hello Gang,

I have a question that i cant wrap my head around. I am working with a USB relay board (rs232) with AutoIT.

I have got connection and i can send instructions and receive feedback successfully so far, but i have a puzzle problem now i cant get my head around.

The board operate on strings like !00200000004 and returns _00000004. Here is the breakdown.


! = sending command

00 = usb board ID

2 = turn on relays prefix

00000004 = Hex representation of nibbles that represent the individual relays, IE this command would turn on relay number 3 and turn off 1-2&4-32 (sorry its a 32 relay board)

In the same vein the return string of 00000004 indicates all relays are off/open except number 3.

So in case the identification string isnt clear heres an explination:

each of the 8 hex characters represents a bank of 4 relays, the different hex digit that is displayed represents different relay or combinations of relays in that bank. So in the above example of 00000004 identifies relay #3 here is why.

hex 4 in binary = 0100 = which is position 3 when counting from LSB and since its 1'ed the relay is on. So another example ... string output of 0000000E would equal

hex E in binary = 1110 = which would indicate that relays #2 #3 #4 would be on.

Great - now the brain puzzle. How would i be able to algorithmlicly (i dont know what im saying here) turn the 8 digit hex string into binary (which ive already searched for and havent found) and then use find the binary posistions so i can eventually output decimal position ID.

I dont want you to write code for me or anything like that - hell no im doing this shiz from the ground up solomente but my issue is purley problem solving and maybe asking if a hex to binary function exists.

Sorry about the length of the post i felt that it was a pretty abstract identification method that needed explination to get some real help out of the forum.

Thanks all in advance!

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You might want to build a truth table. Try mapping all your possible inputs to your outputs. See if any patterns show up.

David Nuttall
Nuttall Computer Consulting

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