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How to convert a string into UTF16

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Hi there, maybe someone can help?

I'm trying to convert a string into the UTF16 format.

In php I can use a function like this:

function Str2Utf16($string) {
$string = iconv("ISO-8859-1", "UTF-16", $string);
return substr($string, 2, strlen($string)-2);

In VBA there seems to be no need to convert the string - but AutoIt (even though I'm using v. seems to handle the string as UTF8, just like php.

Why do I need this?

I'm trying to send a http-Request to the AVM Fritzbox 7270 in order to log in to the webinterface. Therefore I need to construct a string in the UTF-16-LE format (without BOM and final zero-bytes). Details: http://www.avm.de/de/Extern/Technical_Note_Session_ID.pdf

I already tried something like this: (found within another post in this forum: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=92061&st=0&p=662436&hl=utf16&fromsearch=1&), but this doesen't work for me >_<

; string conversion: UTF-8 --> UTF-16
Func _Utf8ToUtf16($Utf8String)
Local $struct = _WinAPI_MultiByteToWideChar($Utf8String, 65001)

Thanx for any replies an help


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Taken from help_file:

StringToASCIIArray( "string", [ start [, end [, encoding ] ] ] )

encoding [optional] The returned array will contain values in the specified character set:

0 - UTF-16 (Default)

1 - ANSI

2 - UTF-8

#include <Array.au3>    ; For _ArrayDisplay()

Local $a = StringToASCIIArray("abc")


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