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Refreshing the GUI

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Alright, I've got a problem.

Say, I've got some "ini" files which the script reads to show the output for some information.

However, lets say I want to go to the next section in the ".ini" when I press a button, how would I do that?

I've tried for so long now and I cannot figure it out :D

The GUI doesn't seem to read the value for the next section and replace it with the information from the old section in the ".ini".

So I thought I might have to refresh the GUI somehow, or is there anything else I should do?

To make it easier with an example, take this:

I have two images in a folder, named "1.jpg" and "2.jpg".

I have a gui which shows the image "1.jpg" by default when I run the GUI.

Also under the image on the gui, there is a button. When I press that, I want it to show the next number, "2.jpg".

So lets say I have GuiCtrlCreatePic("data\monsterdb\img\"&$mdb_page&".jpg", 215, 10, 350, 200)

where $mdb_page = 1

So when I press the button, it adds +1 to the $mdb_page variable (how do I do that? Using $mdb_page = +1 didn't work :D) so that it shows the next image.

However, it doesn't.

That's why I thought I have to refresh it somehow, right?


I know I am really horrible at this so you don't have to tell me. :D

I just want to have this little project for fun.



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The more you learn, the more fun AutoIt can be.

First off, to add a number to a value, you have two options, the latter one being the quickest and easiest:

$x = $x + 1
$x += 1

These both give you the same result. Your next question was how to "refresh" an image. Unless you are using GDI+, which you aren't, there is no reason to refresh an image. I think you meant how to change an image. You need this.

$mdb_page = 1
$Picture = GuiCtrlCreatePic("data\monsterdb\img\"&$mdb_page&".jpg", 215, 10, 350, 200)
$mdb_page = 2 ;or $mdb_page += 1
GuiCtrlSetImage($Picture, "data\monsterdb\img\"&$mdb_page&".jpg")

If you need a more in depth explanation, go to the help file. If you still have questions, come back and tell us what you have tried.

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Thank you sir for your help.

However, I seem not to be fully understandable, which I can tell now as I wrote this 2 am last night (aren't all used to code at night? :D).

Let us give this code you gave me a shot.

$mdb_page = 1
$Picture = GuiCtrlCreatePic("data\monsterdb\img\"&$mdb_page&".jpg", 215, 10, 350, 200)
$mdb_page = 2 ;or $mdb_page += 1
GuiCtrlSetImage($Picture, "data\monsterdb\img\"&$mdb_page&".jpg")

Ok, now this code below is taken from my gui script.

While 1
        $msg = GUIGetMsg()
            Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
            Case $msg = $mdb_next
                $mdb_page += 1
            Case $msg = $mdb_prev   
                MsgBox  (0, "test" ,$mdb_page)

Don't mind the MsgBox, it's just for testing.

As you can tell, whenever I press the "next" button (which is located on my GUI) the $mdb_page will count +1. Now that is working thanks to you (though I should have known how to do that :D).

However, I also have an image, a picture in my gui and it's named $mdb_page.jpg.

So therefore I use:

GuiCtrlCreatePic("data\monsterdb\img\"&$mdb_page&".jpg", 215, 10, 350, 200)

So when I run my script which opens the GUI, the image "data\monsterdb\img\1.jpg" is being showed.

Though, now I want to press the next button so that the next image (2.jpg) can be shown.

So I press the "next" button, and check if the count has gotten +1 by using the MsgBox which it has, but the image is still 1.jpg.

That's why I need something to "refresh" or "re-read" the script each time that button being pressed.

Do you get me?

I also have this trouble with "IniRead", as the script needs to "re-read" the "IniRead" lines to spit out some information.

Basically, I have a ini file located in "data\monsterdb\ini\mdb.ini", with two sections.

It look like this:


test=Number 1


test=number 2

So when I press the button, I also want the script to show the output of the next section in my INI file (this is also used with $mdb_page).

I use this in my script:

$mdb_test = IniRead ("data\monsterdb\ini\mdb.ini", $mdb_page, "test", "value not found") ; Her blir $mdb_page 1+N hvor N er nummer pages som går.

However, when I push my button the output is still from the [1] section.

That's why I also need the script to "re-read" this whenever I push the button.

I've looked in the help file but I really don't know what I am looking after to be honest. :D

So, if anyone is so kind and actually understand my trouble here then please help me out.



Super edit:

Alright, so I guess I just have to put this in under my $Msg = $mdb_next section which tells the script what to do when I press the button.

Though, it will look really bad as I have a million of lines to be read. :D

So! If there is another way of doing this, please tell me :D

Second super edit:

Or maybe I can have it as a function and just put the function name there. I'll try.

Ok, so I found out a way of doing this.

I am using the GuiCtrlSet commands, though it is going to look messy.

Maybe later when I got some more progress I can post it here in case anyone can make it a little unmessier (that's not a word).

Edited by tW34k

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