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Toggle between Handset and Speaker in Skype

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Like many people I use Skype and it's a great application.

I bought a USB Handset for skype, and it's great for personal calls,

But when I call a business, and have to wait while being on-hold, I find it useful to use the Speakers rather than the Handset.

To toggle between the Speakers and a Handset, I created a HotKey that does this:

1) In the MainMenu, I Select the "Call" Menu,

2) Select the "Audio Settings..." MenuItem

[The Options window will open now]

3) In the "Speakers" ComboBox, Select the other Item

4) Close the "Options" window

Here's the Code I use for that:

Send("!a")      ;Menu:      Call
Send("d")       ;MenuItem   Audio Settings...

WinWaitActive("Skype™ - Options")
    Local   $ComboBox_Speakers  =ControlGetHandle("Skype™ - Options","","[ClassNN:TTntComboBox.UnicodeClass2]")
WinClose("Skype™ - Options")

It is very useful for me, however, I am looking to Improve the first part of the code:

Can I show the Options window, without Sending the Keystrokes that get to the "Audio Settings..." MenuItem?

for example, via finding what Windows Message is Sent by this MenuItem,

and then Sending it myself?

Anyone can help with this?

I have Spy++, and can download Winspector if Spy++ is not good enough :D

Thank you

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should I give up on this? :/

If anyone knows how to directly Activate a MenuItem in Skype, please write here...

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