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the same program a second time

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the same program will not run second time


"this program is running."

autoit code?

this dont work


If ProcessExists($kk) Then

MsgBox(0, "Example","this program runnig")

Processclose( $kk)


thank you for help

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have you heard of looping? Put these lines in a for loop.. define how many times you want to repeat the script and that's it!!

Once all the lines in a code are executed the script will exit, unless you loop it back!!

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Haha, what a paradox!!

You want to check if the script is running, so you check if it is running inside the same script? This is better, then let the user decide whether it is running or not:

MsgBox(0, "Example","this program runnig")

If you want to run a program a second time, then just RUN IT A SECOND TIME. Example: Double click on the au3, becomes a quadruple click.

Maybe you were looking for _Singleton by the way? But that makes sure your script only runs once..

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