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Don't know if this already existed but i couldn't find it so, i just made my own function. Should be included to the String UDF.

I'm sure it can be made a bit better and some error checking is still missing, but I'll fix that if people would like this to be included or not.

; #FUNCTION# ;===============================================================================
; Name...........: _StringDiff
; Description ...: Returns the difference between 2 strings, expressed in the type requested
; Syntax.........: _StringDiff($sFirst,$sSecond[,$iStart = 1][,$iReturn = 0])
; Parameters ....: $sFirst - First String
;                  $sSecond - String to match to $sFirst, this is the string which is checked for differences.
;                  $iReturn - One of the following:
;                  |0 - Returns character that differs (Default)
;                  |1 - Returns position of character that differs
;                  $iStart - Where to start matching in the first string
;                  |1 to max length of first string. See StringMid() in help
; Return values .: Success - Returns first found difference between 2 strings,
;                  |either position or char depending on $iReturn
;                  Failure - Returns 0 and Sets @Error:
;                  |0 - No error.
;                  |1 - Start pos higher/lower then string length.
;                  |2 - No Difference found.
; Author ........: Emanuel "Datenshi" Lindgren
; Example .......; No
; ;==========================================================================================
Func _StringDiff($sFirst, $sSecond, $iStart = 1, $iReturn = 0)
    If StringLen($sFirst) < $iStart Or $iStart < 1 Then SetError(1)
    For $i = $iStart To StringLen($sFirst)
        If StringMid($sFirst, $i, 1) <> StringMid($sSecond, $i, 1) Then
            Switch $iReturn
                Case 0
                    Return StringMid($sSecond, $i, 1)
                Case 1
                    Return $i
EndFunc   ;==>_StringDiff


Edited by Datenshi

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If might be more useful to compare the strings for how similar they are e.g. "stationary" and "stationery". See my original post here: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=40843&view=findpost&p=642358 for an implementation of Levenshtein.


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