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Implementing a sound toggle.

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Ok, from another forum I found a nice little script that will let me Switch my sound output from speakers to headphone:

The problem is, getting it to the point it's useable is getting pretty ugly.

So, the program takes a parameter, that being the sound device to output to. That is "1" or "2".

So, I wrote a batch file to call my autoit program, that's basicly:

echo off

"c:\program files\sound_control.exe" 1.

Then I wrote another script that does it for 2.

So that's good, now for the hotkey. I was already using ultramon, so i made it map cntrl-alt-shift-1 to one of those, and another for '2'.

Good so far, but it's ugly that it opens the batch file window, then it opens the sound control panel, then it closes them. Just not a very elegant solution.

So I created a shortcut to each of my batch files, told them to run minimized. That's SLIGHTLY better.

So, anyway, I'm working now, but it's ugly. I'm hoping someone here could tell me how to change the original script to just search for a variable in an ini, or registry. If it's '1', then call 2. And vice versa.

I just want to have one hotkey that toggles between my two output devices.


Oh, and obviously I'm not programmer or I would have done this easy task myself.


;The title of the sound config window.
Dim $ConfigWindowTitle = "Sound"
;-----End of configuration----

Dim $ItemNumber = 1
If $CmdLine[0] >= 1 Then ;If we have a parameter...
    $ItemNumber = $CmdLine[1] ;...we should press the button the specified number of times.

Run("control mmsys.cpl") ;Run the sound control applet and hide it.

WinWaitActive($ConfigWindowTitle) ;Wait for it to be active before sending keystrokes.

Send("{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}") ;Put the focus on the list

For $i = 1 to $ItemNumber Step 1

Send("!s") ;Press Alt + S to set the selected device as the default.

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