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Really quick question

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Hi Guys,

Just a quickie,

will this expression

While $idfilename = "" And $count < 3 Or $check = 0 And $count < 3

work like this

While ($idfilename = "" And $count < 3) Or ($check = 0 And $count < 3)

are parenthesis needed? Can't find this in the help file as of course it doesnt let you search for AND and OR :D


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The page "Language Reference - Operators" from the help file deals with these questions.

When more than one operator is used in an expression the order in which things happen is controlled by operator precedence. The precedence used in AutoIt is given below. Where two operators have the same precedence the expression is evaluated left to right.

From highest precedence to lowest:



* /

+ -


< > <= >= = <> ==


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