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Exchange report users mailbox size / OU

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Hi guys,

Good looking scripts.

But too bad it's not what i'm looking for. Maybe someone can help me out but it is realy challenging....

I want to create an report with users and their current mailbox size(not mailbox limits) from exchange. and that for eeach OU.

mind dazzeling huh?

I hope there are some smart people. (iam not from that group ^^)

I can retrieve all users mailbox size with this wmi script. But how can we map them to the ou there are sitting?

Is this possible if there is only one exhange server?

; This code lists the size of all mailboxes on the selected server.

 $strComputerName = "<serverName>"  ; e.g. "batman"
; ------ END CONFIGURATION ---------
  $strE2K3WMIQuery = "winmgmts://" & $strComputerName & "/root/MicrosoftExchangeV2"
  ; Find each $mailbox on the target server and report their
  ; item counts and sizes
   $mboxList = ObjGet($strE2K3WMIQuery)
   $mbox = $mboxList.InstancesOf("Exchange_Mailbox")
  For $mailbox in $mbox
    $strOutput = ""
    $strOutput =  "Mailbox: " & $mailbox.MailboxDisplayName & @CRLF
    $strOutput = $strOutput &  "   " & $mailbox.Size & "KB in " & $mailbox.TotalItems & _
         " items" & @CRLF
    ConsoleWrite ($strOutput & @CRLF)


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