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Tool for firefox lovers

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1.0 release

1.03 added multiple instance support that avoids running multiple scripts. Plus some additional file check and removals

1.2 Code changed for faster performance at loading app after restarting computer. Only changed data is now updated. Cache is empty each start up. Much faster load and unload

Multiinstance is much faster as well. (Remove Saved folder before using this one for the first time)

1.2.1 XP suport/tested 32 bit SP 3

1.2.2 First run/missing INI/Missing saved folder detection.

Performance tweaks. Saves data only after exit or if saved is missing. (this version was not tested with VIsta)

1.2.3 fixed problem with removing cache folder before load.

1.2.4 fixed saving not done if not lauched for first time but bith saved and data to be saved does not exist and scipt hang on copy cmd.

1.2.5 XP and vista/W7 saving and restoring from same folders to avoid issues with multiple OS

firefox loader.au3

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You might want to ask a mod to move this to the example scripts forum.


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