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$Posi = MouseGetPos() $CropColour = PixelGetColor($Posi[0], $Posi[1])

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Not sure where I went wrong here,

Form looks for pixel at current mouse pos (on key press), clicks it, if the user states it was correct it writes to .ini, if not repeat, for some reason it doesn't click on the pixel.

Func Pixel()
    MsgBox(0, "", "Hover over the crop and press F1 ")
    While $Found = False
        If _IsPressed("70", $DLL) Then
            $Posi = MouseGetPos()
            $CropColour = PixelGetColor($Posi[0], $Posi[1])
$CropColour = Hex($CropColour, 6)
MsgBox(0, "", "You chose: " & $CropColour)
            MsgBox(0, "", "Testing your selection")
            $Coord2 = PixelSearch(30, 30, 900, 610, $CropColour)
            If Not @error Then
                MouseClick("Left", $Coord2[0], $Coord2[1], 2, 0)
            $Question = MsgBox(4, "?", "Was that the right one?")
            If $Question = 6 Then
;               Input2()
                $Found = True

Func WriteIni()

IniWrite("C:\FV.ini", "Fruit","Fruit 1", $CropColour)


Any ideas?

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