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pidgin song setter

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How Do I monitor when title of window changes heres what I have so far trying make a pidgin song changer

Global $title

WinGetTitle("[CLASS:{97E27FAA-C0B3-4b8e-A693-ED7881E99FC1}]", "") ; Gets Song Title

ControlSetText("Buddy List", "", "gdkWindowChild5", "") ; Clears Box

ControlSend("Buddy List", "", "gdkWindowChild5", $title) ; Sets Song Title

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Try this code on for size. Modify it to suit your needs. =P

$Handle=WinGetHandle("Untitled - Notepad")
While 1
    If $NewTitle <> $OldTItle Then
        MsgBox(0,"Title Changed","It is now:"& $NewTitle)


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