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SQLite queries SLOOOOOW.

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About a year ago I wrote a script that generates a listing of all my music and creates a SQLite database. It contains about 55,000 records.

I've been away from tinkering with my scripts for about a year and recently I went to do a "Select * from Metadata" and noticed something strange...queries take FOREVER (or seemingly freeze). I remember doing queries on this table in the past in like 4 seconds or less.

If I change the SQL query to be "Select * from Metadata limit 0,10000", it's taking 90 seconds to return a 10,000 record result (should be less than a second).

I'm running with the latest SQLite dll v.3.6.19 with the latest AutoIT v.

Did something change/happen with autoit's sqlite tie-in? Do I need to go back to a earlier dll?


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I utilize v.3.6.19 and didn't notice any speed impairments... how do you extract the data? I think I remember _SQLite_GetTable2d() is a bottleneck whereas _SQLite_Query(), While _SQLite_FetchData(), _SQLite_QueryFinalize() is really fast... I guess it's more a problem of how you create the array in AutoIt...

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