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THE AutoIt tool.

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THE AutoIt Tool

It's got to the point where this is going nowhere, that usually means its about time you guys saw it. What is it? It's my new tool for autoit users! The theory is that it will be running constantly in the background, and will be there when you need it. The main GUI is an icon and an input. The input can be used to run simple commands, and there are a lot of options as to how thats done. The settings dialog is huge (actually, the dialog itself is too small), with a lot of settings... and it probably needs a helpfile, but thats a lot of work.

I have almost released this before, but then realised I wanted to add something else on... And so this project has the ability to go on forever, I only added the quick launch bar in the past few days...


* Set hotkeys for all the functions.

* Quick links through the menu to just about everything including Microsoft components like SDK's directory.

* Some extra tools:

* Simple console reader for scripts

* Ascii table

* Numeric base converter

* Temporary script genorator

* Window style tester

* Quick launch bar (Needs to be activated through the settings dialog)

* Drag + Drop support for most dialogs.

* Can be resized (only horizontally)

Can be used via the commandline, simple run it with $CmdLine[1] = -functionname, eg: """THE AutoIt Tool.exe"" -Au3Run".

Special switches:

-d ==> Debug (CmdLine[2] can be the script, else prompts)

-s ==> Settings Dlg

-y ==> Style Tester

-i ==> Ascii table





Not guaranteeing it'll be perfect, and most of you will probably prefer your scite hotkeys. I have only tested on WinXP Sp3, and I am unsure how other OS's will deal with it. It does write to the registry, to HKLM\SOFTWARE\THE AutoIt tool\, and also to HKCR for the individual drop options.

Is that all? Probably not...


Default hotkey for showing the UI is "Alt + F1", Click the icon (right or left) to see the menu.

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Hi Mat,

I haven't had much time to check out all the features yet but so far I'd say that it's really slick and handy. I've been working on something similar and I know where you're coming from with the "just one more bell and whistle" routine. It sure gets addicting.

I have a few comments:

Does this script work of for you in SciTE? There seems to be a beta/release conflict between AdlibEnable and FileFlush.


; Missing inc

;Line: 2513 - StringSplit needs pipe param  
$aFiles = StringSplit ($sFile) 
$aFiles = StringSplit ($sFile, "|")

; Line 171 - Missing Parenthesis and wrong var name ($sReg)
 GUICtrlSetData ($hInp, StringReplace ($sReg, "...", @GUI_DragFile)
GUICtrlSetData ($hInp, StringReplace($reg, "...", @GUI_DragFile))

;Undeclared vars:
Global $SciteDir, $temp, $cxId, $hResultLbl, $bWriteFile, $bClose,$bFreeze, $hEdt,$nPid
Global $hStyleExInp,$aStyles,$hStyleInp,$hTest,$hHideBtn

I'm not trying to be a pain in the ass, I'm just wondering if you possibly linked to the wrong version.

As for the app itself it has a nice selection of features, although I received an error launching the WinStyler. (undeclared var)

I think a nice option might be to duplicate the menu as a tray menu. I've grown pretty accustomed to using them. BTW, would ModernMenu work for adding icons to menus created like yours?

Well great job, mang! Thanks a lot for sharing.

Edited by Dolemite50

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Where did you get your line numbers from? They don't match mine...

I found the errors though thanks. I cannot find the error in the styler, but apart from that, I solved them all.

I ran it through Au3Check, which produced a few new bugs alongside a lot of crap.

I will post the new version at lunchtime hopefully.


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Fixed all known bugs, and updated a few things.

New link available now.

Thanks to Dolemite for the bug report.


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A lot more updates to the code, read the changelog for more details.

The most important one is that _ArrayDisplay now executes in a new process, meaning that it fits quite nicely with the rest of the script. Type in "ProcessList ()" to see what I mean.


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