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SQLite returns array?

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I've been trying to recall something through a sqlite query. It's supposed to return the results in a array!

My code:

func update($i)

    Local $Query, $Row, $iRows, $iColumns
    $Query = "SELECT * FROM uppdrag WHERE id=" & $i & " limit 1;";kollar uppdragets id
    _SQLite_GetTable ($dbn, $Query, $Row, $iRows, $iColumns); lagrar uppdragets id i $row['id']
    $updateradio= "$radio" & $Row['typ']
    GUICtrlSetData ($idinfo, $Row['id'])
    GUICtrlSetData ($uppdrag, $Row['uppdrag'])
        GUICtrlSetData ($kontaktperson, $Row['kontaktperson'])
    GUICtrlSetData ($tel1, $Row['tel1'])


The new field values does change. But now all of them shows 42 (It may be the meaning of life, but it is not the correct result of the query)

I've done some research and from what i can understand the $row array only returns values if you format like this $row[1], $row[2]!

My question is:

Have i done anything wrong?

Or is it even possible to return answers in the way i'm trying to describe(like they are return in mysql queries in php, $array['fieldname'] = "correct result on the given database fieldname")?

This is still my first script so i am no expert!

EDIT: Some spelling

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That's basic AutoIt syntax for arrays. All indexes are integers. AutoIt does not have "associative arrays" that could be referenced with string values.

You might want to spend some time reading the help file and trying out some of the functions (example scripts are included). Then there some basic tutorials in the help file and the AutoIt 1-2-3 tutorial linked in my sig.


P.S. One thing you could do is use _ArrayDisplay() to see what the returned $Row array looks like. That might help you pick out what indexes you wanted.


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I've solved the problem by writing a function for it

you can close the thread

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