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Extract info from txt files

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i have to txt files contaning the following lines:

txt 1

---------- U:\USER.TXT
TS WinStation Name: ICA-tcp#11

txt 2

---------- U:\USER.TXT
Server Location: TESTSERVER

whats the simplest way to extract the content after : excample TESTSERVER

thanks for any help :)

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For analyzing TXT file's content it's in general useful to read the content to an array: It's not always the final line you will have to examine.

RegEx is flexible enough to do almost every possible search.

See help file: Autoit -> Tutorials -> Regular Expressions, especially the test snippet at the bottom of these pages.

#include <file.au3> ; for _filereadtoarray()
#include <array.au3> ; for _arraydisplay()
Dim $Content = ""
$InFile = "C:\MyTest.txt"

; transfer file's content into an array.
_FileReadToArray($InFile, $Content)

; have a look at your array. Look at element "0" holding the size of the array.

$LastLine = $Content[$Content[0]]
$AfterColon = StringRegExpReplace($LastLine, "(^.*: )([A-Z]+$)", "$2")
    ; (^    start of string
    ; .*    any character, as many times as possible ...
    ; : )   followed by "Colon<blank>"
    ; [A-Z] any upper case char
    ;  +    at least one occurrence
    ;  $    <end-of-string>
    ; $1    first match (^.*: )
    ; $2    2nd match ([A-Z]+ยง)
MsgBox(0, "Content after final "":"" is...", '"' & $AfterColon & '"' & @CRLF)

Regards, Rudi.

Earth is flat, pigs can fly, and Nuclear Power is SAFE!

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