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Find line number in a text file

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I need some help with a loop statement. I have the last line of a text file, but what I want to find out, going backwards from the end of the text file, and ouput the line number that has a certain text.

This is what I have.

$All_linecount = _FileCountLines($logfile) Last line of the text file

If StringInStr(FileReadLine($logfile, $linecount -1), "50") Then ... part of the if statement. I need to loop this, going backwards from the last line until it finds the string 50. If it does find it, I want there to be a variable that is that line number.

Can someone help?

For example, this is what is in the text file. I want it to ouput line 10 (sdfg sd 50)

dfg 50

assd fg

dsdsf sdf

re sdfg

sdfg sd 50 sdfg



cd gfd s


sdfg sd 50








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