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Send Variable String to Command Prompt

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So below is a section of my script I'm having problems with. I was wondering if someone knew how to send a string variable to a command prompt. I think I know how to open a command prompt, but wanted to send a variable to said prompt for debugging purposes. The variable I am trying to pull the string from is "$WindowTitle".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

#include <IE.au3>

;Open IE, go to Foundstone webpage with the following parameters: 0=opens webpage, 1=visible, 1=_ieloadwait
$oIE = _IECreate("https://fdxfse2.jdnet.deere.com/",0,1,1)

;Accept Certificate from Windows Security popup
    While 1
        $WindowTitle = WinGetTitle("","")
            Case $WindowTitle = "Security Alert"
                WinActivate("Security Alert","")
                ControlClick("Security Alert","","Button1")
            Case $WindowTitle = "Choose a digital certificate"
                WinActivate("Choose a digital certificate","")
                ControlClick("Choose a digital certificate","","Button3")
            Case $WindowTitle = "Certificate Error: Navigation Blocked"
                WinActivate("Certificate Error: Navigation Blocked","")
                _IEImgClick ($oIE, "red_shield.png", "src")
ShellExecute('"C:\Documents and Settings\' & @UserName & '\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Command Prompt"')

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LOL... Somehow I thought it might be that simple. Thanks a ton Manadar.

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To anyone who happens to come across this, I found a better way to do what I was doing, which is essentially debugging:

;MsgBox ( 1, "Title", VariablName)

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if you work with Scite, you could easy use the CTRL+SHIFT+D or ALT+d or explore the other "debug"-tools in the "Extras"-menu

a nice  abbreviation is to type mb2 in scite and after that the space-key. there are much more abbreviations listed in the abbrev.properties in the "Options"-menu

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