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Tapi Call

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Here is some example Code for Tapi Call.

Works for me with WinXP SP3 and Siemens Hipath and Tapi v170.


Local $txtAddressName = "LineName" ;Name of Line
Local $Number = "123456" ; Number to call

$objTapi = ObjCreate("TAPI.TAPI.1")
$mapper = ObjCreate("DispatchMapper.DispatchMapper.1")
$objTapi.EventFilter = $TAPI3_ALL_TAPI_EVENTS
$objCollAddresses = $objTapi.Addresses
For $lLoop = 1 To $objCollAddresses.Count
    $objCrtAddress = $objCollAddresses.Item($lLoop)
    If $objCrtAddress.AddressName = $txtAddressName Then
        $gobjAddress = $objCrtAddress
        $bolFoundLine = True

If $bolFoundLine = True Then
    $TestCall = $gobjAddress.CreateCall($Number, $lAddressType, $LINEMEDIAMODE_INTERACTIVEVOICE)

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Thank you for this. I have elaborated it a bit, so that it takes command line arguments. Secondly I've made a small script that registers the dialer script so that "callto:\\" links on websites are routed to it. Works like a charm with our Tiptel PBX and the addressbook on the intranet website! If anyone is interested I'd be happy to share.

However, can anyone give me a clue on how to detect the actual line status through TAPI? I know that it has something to do with "registercallnotifications" but can't seem to wrap my head around it...


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Hi fomas.

I am very interested in the script you have to register the script to use the dail links. We have some new phones in our office which can place a call be sending them a URL string and I am very keen to write something to take advantage of that.



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hi, alltough its an old post, its greatly apretiated.


It works in the application i am triying to build. 

I need the code to transfer  a call can someone help? that would allow me to solve some really tough problems for me.




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