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Using Field Hide

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Hi guys,

Im using a _IE commands and the page im working with is build in javascript, so my question is:

I have a section im my application that is hide when i select some information above(TxtName.Visible=False) and i know that i can see and work whith it even if it is visible.false.

Basicly i need to do a [iF] that my response shoul be if the field is visible or not.

Which parameter or code should i use in my [iF] to get the hide field.

I hope you guys understand my issue. ;)

And how can i do that?

Thanks 4 all!

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Thanks Mass spammer.

I´ll try this, i think it´s going to fitt well!

Another questiont if you mind..

How can i clean my cache memory because im having troubles if i´m using too much _IEgetobjbyname and some For´s action are not being successfull.

Thanks Again!

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