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Catching Array Out of Bounds Errors?

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My script does some screen scraping from an application. It gets the text, and then it goes through it line by line.

The format is generally



San Jose



If it finds a keyword string, such as "User", it knows something about the next few lines, as the format is standard.

When it's looking at $lines[$l] and finds "User", it knows that $lines[$l+1] is the user's name, $lines[$l+2] is the user's city, etc.

The problem I'm facing now is handling what happens when the application I'm screen scraping disappears. If you exit that program, it's possible that I get a partial screen scrape, such as:



Then, when I reference $lines[$l+2] to get the city, I get an array out of bounds exception.

I've started adding some bounds checking into the code, but I was hoping there would be a way to "catch" these and handle them properly. Is there?

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The Kandie Man

Do a UBound() check on the array before you start trying to access it.

If Ubound($lines) > $l+2 Then

;Do your accessing here


;Do your error handling here


Where $l+2 is the greatest value that will be accessed in the array in the If Then statement.

- The Kandie Man ;-)

EDIT: Fixed comparison operator

Edited by The Kandie Man

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check size of array:


If (UBound ($lines) - 1) < ($I + 4) Then MsgBox (0,"","Invalid array size!")



P.S: You might post some code to get further help!

P.S.S: haha, double post.....

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$iUbound = Ubound($array) -1

Then in the loop you are using

If $i+1 <= $iUbound Then.... Whatever

If $i+2 <= $iUbound Then.... Whatever


If you don't want any info entered if the last group is not complete then you can make it easier.

For $i = 1 To $ibound

If $i+4 > $iUbound Then ExitLoop

;Your regular code goes here



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