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ExcelReadSheetArray (_ArrayMaxIndex)

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Sorry for any questions that you may regard as SPAM, but I do spend a fair amount of time looking before I post.

I cant seem to get a Max Indes for a the last value in a row and column of an excel sheet.

It appears that the ArrayMaxIndex doesnt return a value for a 2D array.

Any help is much appreciated.

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as it is mentioned in helpfile:

Failure: -1, sets @error to:

1 - $avArray is not an array

2 - $iStart is greater than $iEnd

3 - $avArray is not a 1 dimensional array

It works only with 1 dimensional array. Code to proof:

If @error Then MsgBox (0,"Error Number.....", @error); MsgBox should show a value of 3.

I think you have to code yourself to get the highest value of your array....



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