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WinList() Vs _WinAPI_EnumWindowsTop ()

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I am a bit confused by the difference between WinList() Vs _WinAPI_EnumWindowsTop (). According to the manual WinList() without any arguments will be: "If no title and text is given then all top-level windows are returned." and _WinAPI_EnumWindowsTop () will enumerates all top-level windows. These two sound the same to me but when I tried, WinList() return more things then _WinAPI_EnumWindowsTop () with something I have no idea what they are:

Func winapi()
 Local $winArr
  ;$winArr = _WinAPI_EnumWindowsPopup()
 $winArr = _WinAPI_EnumWindowsTop ()
 For $i = 1 To $winArr[0][0]

Func testWinList()
  Local $winArr = WinList()
  For $i = 1 To $winArr[0][0]

The 2nd function return a lot more things like CiceroUIWndFrame/SysFader and a lot of blank titles!

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Looking briefly at the source for both I'd tend to say the difference is that WinList returns EVERY top level window where as _WinAPI_EnumWindowsTop () only returns the visible ones.

In particular line 1992 of WinAPI.au3 (V3.3.0.0):

If _WinAPI_IsWindowVisible($hWnd) Then _WinAPI_EnumWindowsAdd($hWnd)


line 304 of script_win.cpp (V3.1.0):

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