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Map parent directory as drive


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I have a script in a folder, but need to make the parent folder a network drive. If the layout is Folder1\Folder2\script, Folder2 is @workingdir, but I want to map Folder1 as M:. Usually, the syntax for going up dirs is ..\, so I was thinking instead of

DriveMapAdd("M:", @workingdir, 8)


DriveMapAdd("M:", "..\" & @workingdir, 8)

but it doesn't like that. i have to use relative paths, not literal since things could change. any suggestions? merry christmas!

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Do it with DOS Posted Image

_MapDirectory('M:', @WorkingDir)

Func _MapDirectory($Drive, $Path)
;funkey Dec, 24, 2009
$cmd = 'subst ' & $Drive & ' "' & $Path & '"'
Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & $cmd, "", @SW_HIDE)
EndFunc   ;==>_MapDirectory

Func _UnMapDirectory($Drive)
;funkey Dec, 24, 2009
$cmd = 'subst ' & $Drive & ' /D'
Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & $cmd, "", @SW_HIDE)
EndFunc   ;==>_UnMapDirectory

Edit: Sorry, you want this.

MsgBox(0, @WorkingDir, _GetParentDirectory(@WorkingDir, 1))
MsgBox(0, @WorkingDir, _GetParentDirectory(@WorkingDir))

Func _GetParentDirectory($Path, $BackSlash = 0)
;funkey Dec, 24, 2009
Return StringLeft($Path, StringInStr($Path, "\", 0, -1) - Not($BackSlash))

Edit2: This works too!

_MapDirectory('L:', '.') ;workingdir
_MapDirectory('M:', '..') ;parent directory from workingdir
Edited by funkey

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