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Internet Download Script

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I am a real newbee to this. Have read doc and reviewed samples. I am trying out the AU3Recorder to download a file from an internet site. I have the recording (somewhat) working, but not reliable. Question:

It seems the recording uses mouse movements. I think much of my issue is that as the windows change a little, the automatic movement of the mouse becomes missplaced. Can anyone give me some guidance on a direction to write scripts (or modify the recorded ones) that will select the controls directly so mouse movement is not critical to the operation?

Any general guidance to speed up my learning curve on scripts that operate on website windows would be appreciated.


Doug Endrud

Prescott, Arizona

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Best solution from help file is probably

_IE* commands to get the page html

string* commands to filter download link from that html if needed

and Inet* or _IELinkClick* commands to download file

TCP server and client - Learning about TCP servers and clients connection
Au3 oIrrlicht - Irrlicht project
Au3impact - Another 3D DLL game engine for autoit. (3impact 3Drad related)

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