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Multiple concurrent scripts crash - how to solve?


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Hi everyone.

Lately I had been building a script that is being run concurrently with multiple copies of itself. However, recently I have begun to get a crash (only when running more then one of the script at a time) and I would like to seek some help on how I can pinpoint where the crash is occuring. Are there any debug tools I could use to find where my script is crashing itself?

Btw, this is a hard application crash, not a failure of the script itself. Every 5-20 minutes of concurrent running the autoit compiled exe will stop running and report that it has crashed.

Thank you ;)

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Have you got the FULL version of SciTE4AutoIt3? This is not the basic lite version that comes with the AutoIt installation, the link is in my sig. I'd install that and do a syntax check etc. Does the crash still occur when the script is ran uncompiled?

If nothing shows up still you should move to doing hardcore error checking. E.G writing a log of every function that errors, that sort of thing. That will help you work out why it crashed... The last line is the last function to execute with an error...

Another question is what is the function of this script? Can you post the script?



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Great ideas, I will try all of them and report back with my results.

The script is being developed to watch over various values in multiple game application instances so that its easier to multi-box. ;)

**Edit: and as for the syntax check you mean "SyntaxCheck Prod" under tools right? I can't imagine coding something like this script without the full version of scite lol

**Editedit: Ah and ... i thought it was impossible to run more then one script at a time if it is uncompiled? Am i wrong?

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Game cheating protection is probably the answer....

Definatly not, i am 99.9% sure that game protection is not causing the hard autoIT crash. I can run with two scripts going concurrently indefinatly, but three or more eventually brings me to the crash. I seriously doubt that a game protection would decide to let two scripts run but as soon as a third one is running it shuts down (only one of them) : D

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