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[Solved] Communicating between an AutoIt Program and a .NET (C#) Program


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I need to call a small .NET program via an AutoIt program,

and I need to send the .NET Program several strings,

and get 1 string back from it.

What are my recommended options for this?

the return value is a string, and I need to return it when the .NET program ends.

If it was an int, I could use the program's ReturnValue(ExitCode, or ERROR code as it is called in Batch files),

but since I need to return a String here, then the ExitCode will not be good here, so I need another simple and clean idea.

Thank you

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You can use local file to store and read the data you need.

For example an INI file.


Thank you

I thought about it, but I would like something that is more memory based..

and hopefully not via using the clipboard..

If someone has an idea..

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Manadar and Richard:

Works great. Thank you.

Here's what I used:

Local   $StdOut
    $StdOut =StdoutRead($PID)
Until $StdOut<>""


I have not tried this but......

run a SET DOS comand and make an invironment variable with the string's value.

Then have Autoit read the variable.

definately creative.. ;) Edited by Zohar
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