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Keyboard/ Mouse messed up after quiting

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After I use my script made for autoit and after use quit it manually, my keyboard and mouse buttons don't do what they are suppose to. For instance, to open a file I double left click but instead it opens the files properties. For the most part keyboard buttons don't do anything but some act so strangely I don't really have any clue how the buttons do what they do lol.

Only way to fix it is to restart my computer.

This is my script:

Run("\\el-w2k3fs1\apps\SMS_applicaties\Caseware 2009\AutoInstall\prog\cwp2009.exe")

If WinWaitActive("CaseWare Working Papers 2009 - InstallShield Wizard", "Voor CaseWare Working Papers 2009 moeten", 5) Then Send("{ENTER}")

WinWaitActive("CaseWare Working Papers 2009", "WAARSCHUWING")

WinWaitActive("CaseWare Working Papers 2009", "In welke taal moet CaseWare Working Papers worden")

WinWaitActive("CaseWare Working Papers 2009", "De wizard is gereed om met de installatie te beginnen")

WinWaitActive("CaseWare Working Papers 2009", "De InstallShield Wizard heeft met succes")

The only weird thing is that this problem occurs only on a few different computers.

And on this computers the script is hunging somewhere.

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