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HOSTS File Line Insert

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I've been beating my head trying to resolve a problem and I'm hoping someone may have an answer.

I need to insert 1 or 2 lines (most likely 1 line) into the HOSTS file without overwriting any existing entries that may already be in the HOSTS file and I need the script to be able to do this no matter which version of Windows (XP, Vista or 7) the end user has on their PC.

Note: The IP(s) and hostname(s) I am trying to insert are known values.

I seen several threads about working with the HOSTS file but none of the ones I've read are what I am looking for.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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And where ist your problem?

1. Getting the path

2. Reading the file (maybe obsolete if you just add as last line)

3. adding your stuff

4. done

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What about this?

$strHost = @SystemDir & "\drivers\etc\hosts"
$tcpIP = @IPAddress1
$sWhat = "localhost"

$hFile = FileOpen($strHost, 1) ; The 1 parameter just appends to the end of the file
FileWrite($hFile, $tcpIP & " " & $sWhat)

Thanks everyone for such quick responses..


I'll give your script a try but it looks exactly like what I need.

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You may need to change this line:

FileWrite($hFile, $tcpIP & " " & $sWhat)
FileWrite($hFile, @LF & $tcpIP & " " & $sWhat)
if the line doesn't get written to the right place.

Thanks again James,

I noticed that the first time I tested the script that it appened to the end of the existing line.

It's working great, I just need to get it working for Windows 7 but that should just be it's UAC blocking the changes.

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