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FileWriteLine question (noob here)

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as many other i want a log file. I started with opening a notepad and sending text to it, which worked perfectly, but wasnt what i wanted.

So i found FileWriteLine.

But this one confused me.......When entered in the program it wouldnt do its job. There were simply hardly any entries. So i decided to make next script as test.

#include <Date.au3>

WriteToLog2("Started Sequence")

Func WriteToLog2($Message)

$logfile2=FileOpen("logfile2.log", 1)

$tCur = _Date_Time_GetLocalTime()

If $logfile2 = 0 Then

MsgBox(0, "Error", "Unable to open file.")



FileWriteLine( $logfile2, _Date_Time_SystemTimeToDateTimeStr($tCur) & " " & $message)



WriteToLog2("Hallo World")

WriteToLog2("En dit is de tweede regel")

;sleep (400000)

And this works perfect. I embedded this one in the big program....no go again ;)

So to try to find out what happens i added the sleep(40000).

Result: It seems that if the programm doesnt quit right after the write statement it wont write at all...

With sleep>>no writelines in my log.....without sleep>>>>they are there..

What do I wrong?



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MMM, still be interested to know the behaviour of this function...But found a smiliar func that works fine.


So I stick to that for my purposes.



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I use it like this


And never had any problems. I also have an else in there wich sleeps for 10 miliseconds and tries to re-open the file depending on other options..


You have if $fileHandler=0

In the autoit help file it says that on failure it returns -1, not zero

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