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FileOpen or Run?

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I am newbie in Autoit, so a lot to learn from, i got a problem here, after searching the forum inside and manual file, no answer for me, so i got to ask in here.

FileOpen ("c:\abc.txt", 0) ; doesn't open it in notepad or wordpad for reading

instead, i got to use ultra edit / notepad to open it

run('C:\Program Files\UltraEdit\uedit32.exe "c:\abc.txt"')

Hope someone to explain me, millions thanks

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if you use FileOpen remember FileClose too...

Btw, you may find useful for starting files with associated program:

Func _ShellExecuteDllCall($sCmd, $sVerb, $sArg, $sFolder)
  ;return will be a int greater than 0 if something goes wrong.
   Local $aRet

   $aRet = DllCall("shell32.dll", "long", "ShellExecute", "hwnd", 0, "string", $sVerb, _
         "string", $sCmd, "string", $sArg, "string", $sFolder, "long", @SW_SHOWNORMAL)
   Return $aRet[0] - 32
EndFunc  ;==>_ShellExecuteDllCall

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