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Disconnect WLAN connection from the router


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Right what I'm aiming to do is to disconnect specific LAN ip's connected to my router.

I have quite a few wireless components in my house, to many for the all to be connected at the same


So I want to be able to disconnect certain ones so as to free up some space for another one.

I haven't started this yet because iv been looking around and have failed to find a way of disconnecting them without opening Internet explorer, typing in my routers LAN ip then signing in to the router then looking for the connection then clicking delete.

Each component has it's seperated static LAN ip.

So my iPhone's LAN ip is

my wifes iPhone is

so I get my program to test if there connected by

ping("192.168.1 65")

ping("192.168.1 66")

and seeing if they come back with errors or connect.

So is there a way I can make it disconnect a single ip at my command. ? If there is a way I'd be thankful for a point in the right direction with maybe some commands or even a demo script for me to learn from.

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First of all, your router shouldn't have any problem with x parallel sessions. So, I think you needn't to quit some.

If you want to disconnect some of them, then

a) you may connect to the device or

;) connect to the router

to quit the session of the device.

Both is possible.


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