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idea help? also, gui coding help needed

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i'm making an educational program to help you learn japanese.

i'm still at it. i'm unhealthyly (sp?) obsessed with this project. this can't be healthy.

anyhow... i'll be working the conjugation part real soon and i need ideas for storing.

see, MY IDEA is to make an individual ini file for each file with the correct forms and everything.

my plan means making a clusterf*** of files. while it will be more comfortable to pick a file, correct form and compare the answers, etc... BUT...

can anyone suggest a more elegant idea?

i DO like my idea, i just don't like writing alot of files. ;)

i'm having a small, probably retarded problem, and i would be probably slapped if i voiced it irl.

...please do not ban me for my retardation... :evil:

anyhow... i have my gui to write stuff down via an input box. the... uh... for lack of better word, ATTENTION, is devoted to the input box. the blinking thing that indicates you can write text etc in there.

thing is, you have to click "next" manually for the gui to actually record and go to the next gui.

my question is how can i make it so that the gui also goes to the next step using the Enter key?

hotkeyset() is not an option... :evil:

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Set ENTER with GUISetAccelerators() (look up in Help-File). Trigger a function with that checking the input and then switch to next page.

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