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ControlSend {Shiftdown} fails


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Long time reader, first time poster :D

Let me start out this way:

My script is meant to automate Diablo II, yet it does not violate the EULA as it only operates in single player.

You have no way of verifying this, so you will have to take my word for it: this is not for Battle.net.

Of course you may doubt me, but would you ever find out if an innocent request for help was for, say, a keylogger? At least I'm frank.

4. Your Use of Battle.net.

A. You are entitled to use Battle.net for your own personal use, but you shall not be entitled to:

(v) use any third-party software to modify Battle.net to change game play, including, but not limited to cheats and/or hacks;

Pray do forgive my almost paranoid opening, but this community is well-known for their negative stance on illegal hacking tools, so I had to demonstrate that this was not one.

Now that we are over this, I present the problem itself (probably a quite simple one):

Func Cast1()
    If ($on_1 =1) then
        ControlSend ("Diablo II", "", "", "{Shiftdown}")
        ControlClick ("Diablo II", "", "", $button1,1, $target1[0], $target1[1])
        ControlSend ("Diablo II", "", "", "{Shiftup}")

The problem is that I have no control to send Shiftup/down to, therefore Diablo II seemingly ignores it.

I have a suspicion that without a ControlId, I will be unable to get this to work, but if you have any magic spells or workarounds, they will be highly appreciated. (I will also drink copious amounts of [strong alcoholic beverage of choice] in your honour)

Thanks in advance

/edit: I did perform a search prior to posting, and there were similar problems, but since people tried to deny that they were in fact automating a game, they did not provide enough details. So yeah... Worth a try.

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