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Monitor off in Windows 7


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Hi, I´m trying to use this code in Windows 7 but is not working.

Does anybody know if WM_SYSCOMMAND and SC_MONITORPOWER are still supported in Win7?

In case is not, what are the replacemente for this functions?

thanks in advance

#include <SendMessage.au3>


Func _Main()
    Local Const $Off = 2, $On = -1

    Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)
    $hwnd = WinGetHandle('classname=Progman')
    _ToggleMonitor($hWnd, $Off)
    Sleep ( 3000 )
    _ToggleMonitor($hWnd, $On)

Func _ToggleMonitor($hwnd, $OnOff)
    Local Const $WM_SYSCOMMAND = 274
    Local Const $SC_MONITORPOWER = 61808
    _SendMessage($hWnd, $WM_SYSCOMMAND, $SC_MONITORPOWER, $OnOff)
    If @error Then
        MsgBox(0,"_ToggleMonitor", "_SendMessage Error: " & @error)
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