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Testing command line parameteres within Scite

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I want to write some scripts with command line parameters.

I understand how it all works once I have an executable (or execute my script as a param to AutoIt3.exe)

My question is during development stage in Scite, how do I simulate passing parameters to the script?

One idea I have is to do save the au3 file, and then write another script with for example, something like

run(AutoIt3.exe myscript.au3 param1 "param 2")

command in it. Is this the best (only) way?



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There is probably a better way than what I am suggestion, but I do something like this:

( Expected command line: param1 "param 2" )

; This is a fix for testing purposes
If @Compiled Then
    $realCmdLine = $CmdLine
    Local $realCmdLine[3]
    $realCmdLine[0] = UBound($realCmdLine)-1
    $realCmdLine[1] = "param1"
    $realCmdLine[2] = "param 2"

; Actual script below. Use $realCmdLine instead of $CmdLine
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View: Parameters.


Thank you both.

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