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problem with StringRegExp

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I am trying to get some data from a string

$Info = StringRegExp($Source, 'target="_blank">?\s?(?:<strong>|title="">)?(.*?)\s(?i:Ch?H?\s*?(\d+)|(\d+)).torrent', 1)

There are 2 different types of names

target="_blank" title="">TVSHOWNAME 2010-01-16.torrent

target="_blank" title="">TVSHOWNAME CH01.torrent

I want to get

1. TVSHOWNAME (this part is working)

2. either 20100116 or 01 (01 works but not sure how to get the 20100116 to work)

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This might help.

#include <Array.au3>

Local $Source = 'target="_blank" title="">TVSHOWNAME 2010-01-16.torrent' & @CRLF & _
        'target="_blank" title="">TVSHOWNAME CH01.torrent'

Local $Info = StringTrimRight(StringRegExpReplace($Source, _
        'target=.*?="">(.*?)\s(?:[^\d]*)([\d]+)(?:[^\d]?)([\d]{0,2})(?:[^\d]?)([\d]{0,2})\.torrent', _
        "\1 \2\3\4 "), 2) ; 2 spaces after \1 and 2 spaces after \4
ConsoleWrite($Info & @CRLF)

Local $aInfo = StringSplit($Info, " ", 3) ; 2 spaces within " "


Edit: It appears the 2 spaces auto-change into 1 space.

So please check that the 3 places that require 2 spaces do have 2 spaces and not 1 space.

Edited by Malkey

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thanks for the help, never thought of using stringregexpreplace :D

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