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bored routine in Internet Cafe


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I am newbie for writing program and for AutoIt.(and my English also poor too)

I have my own internet cafe in Thailand and I have one bored routine!.

Every week, I have to patch all online games in my shop.

I want to writing any program to help me automatic click ex. 1st game and patch, after patch finished, then exit and start to patch the 2nd game, and 3rd,...

this job is bored because every week I have to patch ~30 games/1 machine, I have 17 machines, it spent a lot of time.

some game must log-in in IE before start patch, that is not problem, I try to develop such log-in code and test is OK.

now my point is, how to writing some script to check the patch is finished and ready for the next game.

What I think is some traffic or port scan program, that can tell me the traffic or activity of port is outed, that means no more patch needed for that game.

Can someone give me some sample script that can do similar job?.

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Welcome to the forums!

If you haven't done already, then please:

1.) get autoit, latest version

2.) get scite editor, autoit customized version (1.+2.: see download section)

3.) read the FAQ here (topmost, sticky postings)

4.) read the online help of Autoit

As I had to wait some minutes for the start of a phone conference, here you are with some code :huggles:

    create a folder holding the patches you want to apply.
    If a certain order has to be observed, prefix the file names with "1.)-", "2.)-", ...

#include <file.au3> ; required for _FileListToArray
#include <array.au3>; required for _arraydisplay


$PatchArr=_FileListToArray($PatchPath,"*","1") ; 1 = files only

; next line is just to show the array. [0] is holding the number of array elements (UBound($Array)-1)


for $i = 1 to $PatchArr[0]
    $result=RunWait($PatchPath & $PatchArr[$i],$PatchPath)
    ; do error checking depending on $result here

Next time please post some code *YOU* have written, when you ask for help :D

Regards, Rudi.

Edited by rudi

Earth is flat, pigs can fly, and Nuclear Power is SAFE!

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