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multiple MouseMove speed 0, cant get cursorinfo

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$cursor[0] = basic cursor
DetectCursor() = getting cursorInfo thru user32.dll
    Local $x=1240, $y=886, $start=0, $end=0, $speed = 0
    For $i=0 to 170
        MouseMove($x, $y+$i, $speed)
        If $cursor[4]="" And DetectCursor()<> $cursor[0] Then
            $start = $y+$i
            $cursor[4] = DetectCursor()
        If $cursor[4]<>"" And DetectCursor()= $cursor[0] Then
            $end = $y+$i

I want to get the coordinate of where the cursor began to change shape over a button

Result should be $start=900 and $end=1000 but it ended up as $start=0 and $end=0

Could anyone give me a hint, thanks in advance

It works fine if I set the speed of the cursor movement to 2 or above

If I set the speed to 1, it will miss 1 pixel, so the result wud be 901 to 1001

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