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Interface with Websites

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Ok, here is what I am trying to figure out. If I go to a website such as http://www.myspace.com/ (I pick myspace simply because it has a short URL to the login page) Can I send a variable directly to ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_LoginBox_Email_Textbox_Label and ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_LoginBox_Password_Textbox_Label (Which is the label of their username and password)

Also can I center the mouse on or click on the Log In button (or any other button for that matter) assuming you know the button name in their form?

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#include <Process.au3>
Global $login = "login", $pass = "pass"
_RunDOS("start http://www.myspace.com/")
Send("{TAB}" & $login & "{TAB}" & $pass & "{ENTER}")


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