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Run AutoIT on Windows 98

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Hey guys I found AutoIt few days ago while i searched for a scripting language to automatize some analysis on windows. I haven`t used any scripting language before so I tried to learn the last days.

Now I wanted to make a script on the PC I`d like to automate some processes but its windows 98. On the main page of autoIt there is written that it should work whit it. But every time I´d like to edit a new script I get a failure msg:

"The program c:\program\autoIt\autoIT.exe needs a newer version of Windows. Install the new version of windows and try again"

So I thought I need some compatibility mode of autoIt but I didn`t found one in the help file or on the Forum. Pleas can someone tell me how I can start autoIt on Win 98.

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From the helpfile:

Note: the Unicode version of AutoIt (AutoIt3.exe) and scripts compiled in Unicode mode will only run on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista and later machines. To allow scripts to run on Windows 9x scripts you must use an older version of AutoIt. The last version compatible with Windows 9x was 3.2.12.x.

You can find old version at the download page, close to the bottom (Previous versions archive).

Edit: Damn it, too slow :D

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