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Is it possible to run a function with elevated privs?


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I need my program to run as a user (non admin) but certain buttons that are tied to _functions will need to be run as an admin. Is this possible? If not what are my alternatives?

I could use the button to run an additional .exe script with the RunAs command but that seems like a waste and I'll have to deploy more files to every machine.

I was also toying with the idea of using #RequireAdmin in the script, which would make all of my admin _functions work BUT will throw off the @Username @homeshare and other variables i need intact.

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You cannot run functions under a separate user than the main process.

Why would running as admin change the username etc variables?

Try running an application with Runas or using #Requireadmin and then try and poll @Username. It will pull the admins username instead of the current logged on user. That is an issue for me.

I need the application to pull all the current user's info but also need the ability to run a function or command as an admin. The tool I've built is for technical support but things such as installing a program, with a button i have created in the gui, will not work without admin rights.

Is there some way to get around this?

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Can you bind @UserName to a variable before you #RequireAdmin? I have no idea is this will work or not because I can't test it.

Local $sUserName = @UserName
MsgBox(0, "", $sUserName)

That won't work because #RequireAdmin applies to the entire script. It doesn't matter where you put it.

You can make two processes. Start one process that doesn't have #RequireAdmin. Have it save the user etc data to a file, and then call the main program that has #RequireAdmin and have it read the file.

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