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bind 2 keys to 1 key

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hey guys im tryng to create a macro following the instructios below ... can u guys post how you would do that macro ? thankssss

Get an scriptable instrument for some macros - this could be a programmable Keyboard or a software.

Now you have to place all of your chosen abilities which you wanna use for this to your first abilitybar, for example to the keys 1 and 2. Now you have to create a macro which combines all two keystrokes on one button - for example the key #3, with your best DMG ability (which "HAVE" a CD on it) at your abilitybar. At next you have to set the #3 key to an "use by press" (easy if you have a g15 or something like that) that you don't have to press this button again all the time and can still push them down. Now the trick in this is, to create a second macro which spams the first macro hundreds of time by pressing the #3 key.

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For a key that presses two keys, try something like this.

HotKeySet("3", "OneAndTwo")

Func OneAndTwo()
     Send("12") ;presses the 1 key, followed by the 2 key

For spamming the macro, you could do something like

For $i = 0 To 100

Just read a little of the help file about the functions mentioned, and it should be easy to make a script to do this.

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something like this?

HotKeySet("a", "Press_C_and_B")
HotKeySet('{ESC}', '_EXIT')


Func Main()
    While 1
EndFunc   ;==>main

Func Press_C_and_B()

    Send("{c down}") ;Holds the c key down
    Send("{b down}") ;Holds the b key down
    Send("{c up}") ;Releases the c key
    Send("{b up}") ;Releases the b key

EndFunc   ;==>Press_C_and_B

Func _EXIT()
    $iMsgBoxAnswer = MsgBox(0, "", "Goodbye")
EndFunc   ;==>_EXIT

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