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Remove the border of the GIMP splash screen

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Not a simple as I though it'd be. I my original idea was to just set the window style to $WS_POPUP with this code:

If WinExists('GIMP Startup') Then _WinAPI_SetWindowLong(WinGetHandle('GIMP Startup'), $GWL_STYLE, $WS_POPUP)

however that doesn't work properly(I'll get double progress bars, a white title bar or I completely white window).

By the way, this is GIMP 2.7

Any Suggestions?

Try Pacfox, my Firefox theme.Try Power Eject, my windows gadget that allows you to eject most drives.Using AutoIt, Windows 7 Premium, Intel Core 2 Quad CPU @ 2.66ghz, 4gb RAM, Nvidia GeForce 9500GT Graphics Card & Samsung 22" Monitor.
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